Star’s Lover

Star's Lover Choi Ji-Woo (스타의 연인)
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  • Drama: Star’s Lover (스타의 연인)/ Celebrity Sweetheart / Celebrity Lover
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Air Date: December 10, 2008 – February 12, 2009
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In Star’s Lover’s poster, top star Choi Ji-woo, aspiring novelist Yoo Ji-tae, heir to a conglomerate Lee Ki-woo, and Yoo Ji-tae’s first love Cha Ye-ryun, each show a contrasting style with splendor and modesty, attracting attention.

Choi Ji-woo, who plays the role of a top star in the drama, expressed the splendor of a top star with jewelry. She also maximized glamor with feather headdresses and emphasized elegance with simple, luxurious dresses.

Lee Ki-woo also showed off the appearance of the heir to the chaebol by wearing a neat suit and a diamond ring and tie pin.

On the other hand, Yoo Ji-tae expressed the image of a poor aspiring novelist with neat casual style clothes, and Cha Ye-ryun also expressed the pure image of her first love with neat clothes without decorations.


  1. Star’s Lover will replace The Painter of Wind.

Star’s Lover

  Star's (unknown, 96 hits)


Star’s Lover

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