‘Startup’ Nam Joo-hyuk transforms into a coding genius ‘nerdy man’

'Startup' Nam Joo-hyuk transforms into a coding genius 'nerdy man'
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A still-cut containing the new charm of’ ‘Start-upNam Joo-hyuk was revealed.

On the 17th, tvN’s new Saturday drama ‘Startup‘ released a still cut of Nam Joo-hyuk, who has transformed into a ‘nerdy man’.

'Startup' Nam Joo-hyuk transforms into a coding genius 'nerdy man'

Startup‘, whose first release was confirmed on October 17th, depicts the start and growth of youth who jumped into startups dreaming of success in the Silicon Valley sandbox in Korea. In drama, Nam Joo-hyuk takes on the role of Nam Do-San, a left-brained human, and presents a transformation of an image that has never been seen before.

In the released photo, Nam Do-San (Nam Joo-hyuk), who wore a checkered shirt that he wears every day, and a bustling hair, was caught. At home, he wears horn-rimmed glasses and starts coding. It is a nerd who is excitedly tapping on a laptop with traces of the night’s wake, such as coffee and cup noodles, piled up in the corner of the desk.

However, when make eye contact with people other than the laptop screen, he’s unconscious of it. Since his childhood when he was the youngest subject of the Math Olympiad, his achievements walking downhill and the start-up situation where he only forgot investment money made his self-esteem run down.

He has no choice but to become small among office workers in distant suits in the subway and flees to his own world while knitting, a hobby.

I wonder what kind of inflection point Nam Do-San will dream of again in the future. In particular, in another photo, he has a tight look as if he has decided on something along with his short hairstyle, so he is interested in what made him different.

The production crew of ‘Startup‘ said, “You will have fun discovering the new charm of Nam Joo-hyuk,” and “Please look forward to Nam Joo-hyuk’s Nam Do-San, which will contain features that you have not seen before, both externally and actingally.”

Startup‘ is scheduled to air first at 9 pm on October 17th.



‘Startup’ Nam Joo-hyuk transforms into a coding genius ‘nerdy man’

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