Stellar: A Magical Ride

Stellar: A Magical Ride son ho-jun (스텔라)
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  • Movie: Stellar: A Magical Ride (스텔라)
  • Release Date: Apr 6, 2022
  • Runtime: 98 minutes


Stellar: A Magical Ride is a variety chase comedy about a man chasing a boss’s disappeared supercar with Stellar, a self-driving car with a speed of up to 50 km/h, with no options but many stories.

‘Young-bae’ (Son Ho-jun), an ace in the car insurance industry, disappears with his best friend ‘Dong-shik’ (Lee Kyu-hyung), and ‘Young-bae’ begins to be chased by the chief executive’s crew.

To make matters worse, when he hears that his father (played by Jeon No-Min), whom he did not consider as a family member, has passed away, he goes down to his hometown for a funeral, but he is not saddened by his father’s death. That’s why his girlfriend was pregnant but wasn’t happy about it. He is a ‘youngbae’ who thinks that he needs a license to become a ‘father’.

‘Young-bae’ is chased by the ‘Chief’ gang and has both his wallet and car taken away, and then his father’s old car, the Stella, stands out. He starts an irreversible journey with this car, which has a maximum speed of 50 km, no air conditioning, and the door does not open at will.

Stellar: A Magical Ride

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Stellar: A Magical Ride

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