Choi Duk-Moon


Movie: Microhabitat (더 폰)/ A Little Princess Release Date: October 22, 2015 Runtime: 114 minutes Summary The story of the movie ‘Microhabitat’ follows Miso (Esom), who gives up her house to protect cigarettes and whiskey. However, in the cold winter, they have to find a place to sleep right away. At this, Miso goes to […]

Bad Guy – Movie – 2001

Movie:  Bad Guy (나쁜 남자) Release Date: November 11, 2001 Runtime: 100 minutes Summary Bad Guy (Cho Jae-Hyun)  falls in love with a woman (Seo Won) at first sight in front of a department store, but vows to turn her into a whore in response to a degrading reaction. After defiling her body with kidnapping […]

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