Chun Jung-Myung

Foxy Lady!

Drama: Foxy Lady! (여우야 뭐하니) Network: MBC Episodes: 16 Air Date: September 20 – November 9, 2006 Summary Foxy Lady!: Byeong-hee (Ko Hyun-Jung) gets on the running subway line 4 and stands by the door holding a uterine model box, squeezing the remaining tears, and receives a call from Cheol-su (Chun Jung-Myung), who calls himself the boss. […]


Drama: Reset (리셋) Network: OCN Episodes: 10 Air Date: August 24 – October 26, 2014 Official Website Summary Reset is a thriller depicting the breathtaking confrontation between a prosecutor who is determined to commit crimes and an unknown X. The casting of new stealers with strong acting skills such as Chun Jung-Myung, Kim So-Hyun, Park Won-Sang […]

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