Missing: The Other Side 2

Drama: Missing: The Other Side (미씽: 그들이 있었다 2) Network: OCN Episodes: Release Date: December 19, 2022 — Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:30 Official Website Synopsis ‘Missing: The Other Side 2’ returns with season 2 following 2020 as a fantasy tracking drama of the ‘soul-seeing combination’ that has been reactivated by missing people, a new […]

Bad Prosecutor

Drama: Bad Prosecutor (진검승부) / True Sword Battle Network: KBS2 Episodes:  Air Date: October 5, 2022 — Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:50 Summary Bad Prosecutor is a ‘bad prosecutor action investigation drama’ that cools down the sanctuary created by wealth and power, and even the hordes of evil living in it. Prosecutors who choose expediency rather […]

The Roundup

Movie: The Roundup (범죄도시2) Release Date: May 18, 2022 Runtime: 106 minutes Summary The Roundup is the 28th 10 million movie in history, the first 10 million movie since the corona pandemic, the fourth 10 million movie starring Ma Dong-seok, and the 20th 10 million Korean movie record. The Roundup is a thrilling crime-fighting operation between monster […]

Crazy Love

Drama: Crazy Love (크레이지 러브) Network: KBS2, Disney+ Episodes: 16 Air Date: March 7 – April 26, 2022 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30 Official Website Summary ‘Crazy Love’ is a sweet and bloody transformational crazy romance drama about a leader of a class instructor who received a notice of murder and a secretary with zero presence […]

High Class

Drama: High Class (하이클래스) Network: tvN Episodes: 16 Air Date: September 6 – October 26, 2021 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:00 Official Website Summary High Class is set in a luxurious international school located on an island like a paradise, and is a mystery of sexual violence that takes place while meeting the woman of her […]

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