Kang So-Ra

Can We Be Strangers

Drama: Strangers Again/ Can We Be Strangers (남이 될 수 있을까) Network: ENA Episodes: 12 Air Date: January 18, 2023 — Summary Can We Be Strangers is a drama about divorce lawyers’ love and life growth period, where divorce is easy and separation is difficult. Kang So-ra plays Oh Ha-Ra, a star lawyer called the goddess of […]

My Paparotti

Movie: My Paparotti (파파로티) Release Date: March 14, 2013 Air Time: 127 minutes Synopsis ‘Paparotti’ is a film about the story of Sang-jin (Han Seok-gyu), a music teacher at a local art high school, who was once a promising vocalist but now runs out of time, and Jang-ho (Lee Je-hoon), a vocal genius high school […]

Waiting For Rain

Waiting For Rain: If it were a normal romance, it would have put weight on the intensity of the moment when the male and female protagonists faced each other, or the story after becoming a lover. However, this work does not unfold so simple. Focus on the power of direct letters, not text messages, phone […]

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong is a movie about Uhm Bok-Dong (Rain), the ‘Oriental Bike King’ who swept the entire East Asia by winning first place in the All-Chosun Automobile Competition for the first time as a Korean, beating out Japanese players in an era where hope was lost during the Japanese colonial period. Uhm Bok-Dong (Rain), […]

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