Kim Hee-Won

Big Issue

Drama: Big Issue (빅이슈) Network: SBS Episodes: 32 Air Date: March 6 – May 2, 2019 Official Website Summary Big Issue is a former photojournalist (Joo Jin-Mo) who fell into the abyss with a single photo and the infamous editor (Han Ye-Seul) attracting him to the paparazzi. It contains the secret and fierce paparazzi warfare unfolded […]

Lady Daddy

Movie: Lady Daddy (아빠가 여자를 좋아해) / Dad Likes Women Release Date: January 14, 2010 Runtime: 113 minutes Summary Lady Daddy is about Photographer Ji-hyeon (Lee Na-young), busy with film stills and preparing for a solo exhibition, continues a serious meeting with special makeup artist Jun-seo (Kim Ji-seok). One day, as their romance with Jun-seo is ripening, […]

Perhaps Love

Movie: Perhaps Love (장르만 로맨스) Release Date: November 17, 2021 Runtime: 113 minutes Synopsis Perhaps Love, which delivers a message of laughter and empathy for relationships through various romances. It depicts the variety of personal life of a best-selling author who meets people who are entangled in an unusual romance, and their work and life get […]

On The Line

Movie: On The Line (보이스)/ Voice Release Date: 15 September, 2021 Air Time: Synopsis ‘On the Line’ is a real crime that takes place when ‘Seo-Jun’ (Byun Yo-Han), who has lost everything after being caught in the trap of a voice phishing organization, infiltrates a stronghold in China to recover the stolen money, and meets […]

The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful

Movie: The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful (탐정: 더 비기닝) Release Date: November 7, 2019 Runtime: 106 min. Summary The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful is about a gwi-su who loses everything in the game of Go and survives alone in a battle for life and death with those who play like ghosts in the […]

Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

Movie: Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (가려진 시간) Release Date: November 16, 2016 Runtime: 129 min. Summary Classified as a fantasy/drama genre, this film appropriately uses visual and sound effects to depict a situation in which time has stopped. The movie tells the story of a lonely girl named Surin (Shin Eun-soo) and a […]

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong

Bicycle King Uhm Bok-Dong is a movie about Uhm Bok-Dong (Rain), the ‘Oriental Bike King’ who swept the entire East Asia by winning first place in the All-Chosun Automobile Competition for the first time as a Korean, beating out Japanese players in an era where hope was lost during the Japanese colonial period. Uhm Bok-Dong (Rain), […]

The King’s Case Note

The King’s Case Note is a movie about special King Yejong (Lee Sun-Kyun) and Yoon Yi-Seo (Ahn Jae-Hong), a newcomer who has the extraordinary ability to remember anything they have seen once, approaches the reality of rumors that shake public sentiment based on practical and logical reasoning. Movie: The King’s Case Note (임금님의 사건수첩) Air […]

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