Kim Min-Kyu

Seasons of Blossom

Drama: Seasons of Blossom (청춘 블라썸) Network: Wavve Episodes:  Air Date: September 21, 2022 — Air Time: Wednesday 17:00 Summary Seasons of Blossom is about 6 years ago, the ‘past teenagers’ Ha Min (Seo Ji-hoon) X So-mang (So Ju-yeon) and the ‘current teenager’ Jae-min (Kim Min-gyu) X Bomi (Kang Hye-won), who are passing through their teens. […]

Business Proposal

Drama: Business Proposal (사내맞선)/ Meet the Guy Network: SBS Episodes: 12 Air Date: February 28 – April 5, 2022 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 22:00 Official Website Summary Business Proposal is an office romance with a ‘prevention of resignation’ full of thrills between a CEO with a genius talent and an employee who cheated on her identity. […]

Idol: The Coup

Drama: Idol: The Coup (아이돌 : 더 쿠데타) Network: JTBC Episodes: 12 Air Date: November 8 – December 14, 2021 Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 23:00 Official Website Summary Idol: The Coup is a very special guide for those who cannot part with their failed dreams proudly. It contains the stories of young people who resign from their dreams. […]

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