Lee Hyo-Je


Drama: Hunted (멧돼지사냥) / Boar Hunting Network: MBC Episodes: 4 Air Date: August 1, 2022 — Air Time: Monday 22:30 Official Website Summary Hunted is a rural mystery thriller in which a disappearance case occurs on the day of a wild boar hunting in an ordinary rural village and the secrets of the villagers surrounding it are drawn […]

Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned

Movie: Vanishing Time: A Boy Who Returned (가려진 시간) Release Date: November 16, 2016 Runtime: 129 min. Summary Classified as a fantasy/drama genre, this film appropriately uses visual and sound effects to depict a situation in which time has stopped. The movie tells the story of a lonely girl named Surin (Shin Eun-soo) and a […]

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