Park Ha-Sun

Korean Ghost Stories

Drama: Korean Ghost Stories 전설의 고향 / 전설의 고향 – 2008년 시리즈 Network: KBS2 Episodes: 8 Air Date: August 6, 2008 – September 3, 2008 Official Website Summary The characteristics of the 2008 edition of ‘Korean Ghost Stories’ is that the main character analyzes a mysterious murder case with scientific reasoning, or approaches the bizarre events […]

Midnight Runners

Movie: Midnight Runners (청년경찰) Release Date: August 9, 2017 Runtime: 109 minutes Summary Midnight Runners: Ki-joon (Park Seo-joon), a passionate young man, enters the police academy because of a scholarship rather than a sense of mission. Classes taken without a sense of purpose are boring, even seemingly useless. His close classmate, Hee-yeol (Kang Ha-neul), is a […]

No, Thank You 2

Drama: No, Thank You 2 / The In-Laws (며느라기2) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 12 Air Date: January 8, 2022 — Run Time: Sunday Summary No, Thank You 2 is about pregnancy, childbirth, childrearing, and divorce. These will appear as a major ‘problem situation’. Unlike Season 1, which was based on a webtoon by Shin Ji-ji, Season […]

No, Thank You

Drama: No, Thank You / The In-Laws (며느라기) Network: Kakao TV Episodes: 12 Air Date: November 21, 2020 – February 6, 2021 Run Time: 20 minutes Official Website Summary There is no such thing in the world, but we just have to adapt to each other according to the situation, so why does everyone think and […]

The Veil

Drama: The Veil (검은 태양) / Black Sun Network: MBC Episodes: 12 Air Date: September 17 – October 23, 2021 Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00 Official Website Summary The Veil depicts the story that takes place as the best field agent of the National Intelligence Service, who disappeared a year ago, returns to the organization to […]

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