Park Hyuk-Kwon

Nokdu Flower

Drama: Nokdu Flower (녹두꽃 – 사람, 하늘이 되다) Network: SBS Episodes: 48 Air Date: April 26 – July 13, 2019 Official Website Summary Nokdu Flower is a turbulent human story of half-brothers who had to fight with the peasant army and subjugation in the whirlwind of the Donghak Peasant Revolution in 1894. It is a drama […]

When Spring Comes

Movie: When Spring Comes (봄날) / Spring Day Release Date: April 27, 2022 Runtime: 102 minutes Summary When Spring Comes depicts the story of an unsettled incident while trying to make a big money out of his father’s funeral at his father’s funeral, where he gathered all his connections with his younger brother, Ho-seong (Son […]

A Taxi Driver – Movie

Movie: A Taxi Driver (택시 운전사) Release Date: August 2, 2017 Runtime: 137 minutes Summary A Taxi Driver is a film about the story of a taxi driver Man-seop, who takes a German reporter to Gwangju in May 1980 when he says that he will give him a lot of money without knowing anything. Actor […]

The Girl on a Bulldozer

Movie: The Girl on a Bulldozer (불도저에 탄 소녀) Release Date: April, 2022 Runtime: 112 minutes Summary The Girl on a Bulldozer is a reality runaway drama in which her young brother and 19-year-old Hye-young, who is driven away from her father’s sudden accident and even her place of residence, explode in anger towards the world […]

Proof of Innocence

Proof of Innocence focuses on the story of unfair victims who are abused by large corporations or giants who have a strong capital and power on their backs, and suffer damage from them, on the side of the weak. The protagonist who stands on the ground and fights against the forces who have committed evil […]

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