Park Ji-Hwan

Hansan: Rising Dragon

Movie: Hansan: Rising Dragon (한산: 용의 출현) Release Date: July 27, 2022 Runtime: 140 minutes Summary Hansan: Rising Dragon is a sequel and prequel to ‘Roaring Currents‘ (2014), directed by Kim Han-min. Five years before the outbreak of the Battle of Myeongnyang, Admiral Yi Sun-sin (Park Hae-Il) and the Joseon naval forces drew the battle […]

The Roundup

Movie: The Roundup (범죄도시2) Release Date: May 18, 2022 Runtime: 106 minutes Summary The Roundup is the 28th 10 million movie in history, the first 10 million movie since the corona pandemic, the fourth 10 million movie starring Ma Dong-seok, and the 20th 10 million Korean movie record. The Roundup is a thrilling crime-fighting operation between monster […]

Unstoppable – Movie

Movie: Unstoppable (성난황소)/ Angry Bull Release Date: November 22, 2018 Runtime: 115 minutes Summary Unstoppable depicts a man’s struggles to find his kidnapped wife. Ma Dong-seok plays Dong-cheol, a man who used to throw his fists in his old days, but lives well by washing his hands. He is a ‘wife fool’ husband who can’t […]

Ground Zero

Movie: Ground Zero (그라운드 제로) Release Date: June 26, 2021 Runtime: 9 minutes Summary The PUBG Universe ‘Truth 2 Trilogy’ is a short film series that captures the hidden truth in two mysterious incidents that took place in the Taego area. It consists of the epilogue ‘Red Face’. ‘Ground Zero’ is a topical work that […]

The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure

Movie: The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure (해적:도깨비 깃발) Release Date: January 26, 2022 Runtime: 125 minutes Summary The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure is a movie depicting the spectacular adventures of pirates who gather in the sea to become the owners of the royal treasures that have disappeared without a trace. The main poster released […]


Movie: Spiritwalker (유체이탈자) Release Date: November 24, 2021 Air Time: 110 minutes Synopsis Spiritwalker is a chase action movie in which a man who wakes up from another person’s body every 12 hours with lost memories fights to find the real himself who has been the target of everyone. The released character trailer contains images of […]

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