Yoon Jin-Seo

A Model Family

Drama: A Model Family (모범가족) Network: Netflix Episodes: 10 Air Date: August 12, 2022 Air Time:  Summary A Model Family: Starting with the unusual case of an ordinary head, the family on the verge of collapse, the criminal organization, and the police investigating them become entangled and the story continues to twist as they try to solve […]

The Royal Gambler

Drama: The Royal Gambler (대박) Network: SBS Episodes: 24 Air Date: March 28 – June 14, 2016 Official Website Summary The Royal Gambler is a drama depicting the battle between the king’s forgotten son Dae-gil (Jang Geun-suk) and his brother Yeoning-gun (Yeo Jin-goo/later Yeong-jo) for life, throne and love. Pungwoon-ah Dae-gil, who wanted the throne for […]

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