Take Point

Take Point (PMC: 더 벙커)
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Take Point: Captain Ahab (Ha Jung-Woo) of Black Lizard, a global military company (PMC), will be in charge of a huge project at the request of the US CIA. However, in the 30M secret bunker below the DMZ, the place of operation, an unexpected person, the North Korean ‘King’, appears.

  • Movie: Take Point (PMC: 더 벙커)
  • Air Date: December 26, 2018
  • Duration: 124 minutes
  • Official Website


In order to catch him, the best bounty king in Asia, Captain Ahab changes his strategy and succeeds in kidnapping King with 12 crews.

However, Ahab and the Black Lizard team fell into a trap due to a surprise attack by another military company (PMC) and the bombing of the US CIA.

Injured in the collapsed underground secret bunker in the end, Ahab asks for help from North Korea’s elite doctor Yoon Ji-Ui (Lee Sun-Kyun), who was held hostage…

Operation changed to the current visual part!
Real-time action for survival begins!

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Take Point

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