The 8th Night

The 8th Night (제8일의 밤)
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  • Movie: The 8th Night (제8일의 밤)
  • Release Date: September 26, 2018
  • Runtime: 97 min.


The 8th Night is a Netflix movie that depicts the struggle for 8 days to prevent the seal of ‘You must not wake up’, which will cross the 7 stepping stones and bring a hell filled with pain in the world. Lee Sung-min played Park Jin-soo, a person who protects the seal of what should not be awakened in the play.

There were many expectations. Many people have been waiting for Lee Sung-min’s comeback work and the appearance of another Korean-style occult film, but expectations crumble like a sand castle from the opening due to the megaphone’s messy directing and unsophisticated choices.

The most disappointing thing is that it is a surprisingly simple solution compared to the distracting development. Contrary to the ambitious ambition to unravel the ‘Geumganggyeong’ into a movie, the process of tracing ‘the unsealed’ is lax and follows a method that seems to have been seen somewhere. Killing the enormous ‘it’ that can turn the world into hell is also steamingly simple. It makes me wonder, ‘Why did you drag on something so easy to solve?

All the characters, including ‘Park Jin-soo’, are flat. The secret of the protagonist is not special and shallow compared to the heightened tension. Since the things he has are not special, his charm also diminishes. The rest of the characters follow their professional image. The young monk is so naive and the detective is radical, so there is no ‘reversal fun’. The spark of conflict that is ignited when they collide is bound to be weak.

The old-fashioned CG effect and the unknown BGM make it more difficult to watch the movie. When announcing the appearance of ‘It’, the CG effects that can only be seen in Chinese martial arts movies dazzle the eyes, and the needlessly magnificent BGM rather breaks the immersion. Even the dummy (corpse) is coarse.

Meanwhile, actors such as Lee Seong-min, Nam Da-reum, Park Hae-joon, and Kim Dong-young do their part. He faithfully acts in his place and barely completes one film. Among them, Park Se-hyeon, who plays the role of a high school girl who is obsessed with ‘it’, stands out. Even though he only showed his face for a while, his presence is amazing.

The 8th Night 

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The 8th Night

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