The Beauty Inside (Movie)

The Beauty Inside 뷰티 인사이드
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The Beauty Inside Movie is a movie that tells the love story of a man who changes into a different person every time he wakes up. It has also been said that Han Hyo Joo will be taking on the lead female character who falls in love with this man who constantly changes into another person.

  • Movie: The Beauty Inside
  • Revised romanization: Byooti Insaideu
  • Hangul: 뷰티 인사이드
  • Director: Baek Jong-Yeol
  • Writer: Kim Sun-Jung, Park Jung-Ye
  • Producer: Park Tae-Joon
  • Cinematographer: Kim Tae-Kyung
  • Release Date: August 20, 2015
  • Runtime: 127 min.
  • Genre: Romance / Fantasy


Woo-Jin changes into a different person everyday when he wakes up. He falls in love with Yi-Soo (Han Hyo-Joo). How will Yi-Soo react to Woo-Jin’s secret?


    1. The Beauty Inside Movie is based on 2012 U.S. social film “The Beauty Inside”. Intel and Toshiba sponsored the film which won commercial awards at the 2013 Clio Awards & Cannes Lions.
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      2. The Beauty Inside | Byooti Insaideu (JTBC / 2018)

The Beauty Inside Movie (228.6 KiB, 41 hits)

The Beauty Inside (Movie)

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