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The Box (더 박스)
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The Box is a busking movie in which producer Min-Soo (Jo Dal-Hwan), who has fallen to the floor, meets Ji-Hoon (Chanyeol), who has excellent musical talent, and grows over obstacles. It goes around the country’s Paldo Islands and plays variously varied masterpieces.

  • Movie: The Box (더 박스)
  • Release Date: March 24, 2021
  • Runtime: 94 min.
  • Website


Like a music movie, the sound, balance, and sense of arrangement surprise the audience. It shows the possibility that such a rich music can be captured in a film in Korea as well. Billy Irish ‘Bad Guy’, Mariah Carey ‘Without you’, Coldplay ‘A sky full of stars’, and Louis Armstrong ‘What a Wonderful World’ etc. moisturize the ears with a texture that is more than a live concert.

In particular,’Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, where Ji-hoon and foreign buskers in the play, is the highlight of this movie. Both the arrangement and the sound are perfect, and the editing is also excellent in this scene. You may find yourself shaking your feet without even knowing.

The Box (41.7 KiB, 54 hits)


The Box

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  1. I appreciate you running this site and I’ll certainly get you a coffee, but as I’ve been waiting for this release – the link provided is dead

    1. Re-uploaded. Maybe because of the copyright so It was deleted. Thank you for your notice. It’s okay without coffee. Just I didn’t know if there were files were deleted or not unless someone told me.

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