The Distributors

The Distributors 유포자들
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  • Movie: The Distributors (유포자들)
  • Release Date: November 23, 2022
  • Runtime: 114 minutes


The Distributors is a crime-hunting thriller depicting the desperate pursuit of a man whose secrets are forcibly unlocked. In a modern society where people cannot be free from mobile phones, how inadvertently filmed videos can lead humans to destruction.

The main poster released this time raises the atmosphere by depicting the people who are suspected of the incident, centering on Do Yu-bin (Park Sung-hoon), a man whose secrets were forcibly unlocked due to a momentary mistake. First, Do Yu-bin, who receives an anonymous phone call from someone and stares somewhere with a firm expression, arouses curiosity about what secret he should never reveal to the world.

Subsequently, the doubtful eyes of fiancee Lim Seon-ae (Kim So-eun) looking at such Do Yu-bin create tension, and the serious expression of the daydreamer (Song Jin-woo) gives clues to Do Yu-bin about the ‘first circulator’. Makes you wonder if you can hold it in your hands.

In addition, Kim Da-eun (Lim Na-young), who shows off her femme fatale charm with a seductive expression, adds curiosity with a relaxed expression as if she knows the secret of the case, and Lee Sang-hee (Park Joo-hee), who is full of passion to pursue the truth of the case.

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The Distributors

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