The Faceless Boss

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The Faceless Boss is a life story of a romantic gangster boss who wants to hold fast to his beliefs. Sang-gon who became boss after defeating Chang-wan who hoarded the gang’s money for himself tries hard to make the lives of his younger brothers and their families to live happily.

But just one week after becoming the boss, he gets arrested for something that he did not intend and was sentenced to 10 years in prison for being the head of a criminal syndicate…

  • Movie: The Faceless Boss
  • Revised romanization: Eolguleubsneun Boseu
  • Hangul: 얼굴없는 보스
  • Director: Song Chang-Yong
  • Writer:
  • Producer: Kim Jin-Hwi, Song Chan-Ho
  • Cinematographer: Park Young-Soo
  • Release Date: November 21, 2019
  • Runtime: 114 min.
  • Genre: Noir / Gangster


Kwon Sang-Gon (Chun Jung-Myung) is a gangster who wants to have a cool life. He becomes a gang boss and expects to reap the rewards of the top position. Kwon Sang-Gon soon realizes his life is a living hell, filled with conspiracies and betrayals.

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The Faceless Boss

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