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  • Movie: The House (더하우스)
  • Release Date: December 12, 2019
  • Air Time: 105 minutes


‘The House’ is a horror mystery thriller about a hidden past that a couple Eun Bi Roo (Seo Woo) and Jo Joon Eui (Oh Chang-seok) who comes to a villa dreaming of a happy family begins to discover traces of strangers. It provides horror through a mysterious phenomenon that takes place when uninvited guests begin to appear in the house you thought was the safest.

Director Park Gyun-i said, “It was a lot of hard work filming in the middle of the summer. I struggled in the hot summer. I hope it gets good reviews.”

He continued, “There is no safe place for people’s hearts and emotions. Emotions that are not resolved internally appear as other emotions. I wondered what would happen if we put such people in a limited space. I was able to meet excellent actors and make a work.”

Oh Chang-seok said, “I am deeply moved by the release after 3 years,” and said, “Three years ago, in the summer of Gapyeong, we were filming while we were together at a pension. Memorable. As it is unfolding in a limited space, I took a picture while squeezing my hair. I wish with good results. It is a work that was made fiercely within a limited production cost, so I have a special attachment to it.”

Seowoo also said, “I’m worried because it’s the first release in three years. There are some parts that are different from the first content and when I received it, but I think it has changed in a good way. Until the very end, I only support the film to do well.”

Oh Chang-seok and Seo-woo expressed satisfaction with their breathing. Oh Chang-seok said about Seo-woo, “We got to know each other quickly because we filmed in a limited space. worked fun We worked while talking a lot. I think we got along well,” he said.

The House

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The House

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