The Killer’s Shopping List

The Killer's Shopping List lee kwang-soo (살인자의 쇼핑목록)
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  • Drama: The Killer’s Shopping List (살인자의 쇼핑목록)
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 
  • Air Date: April 27, 2022 —
  • Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 22:30
  • Official Website


The Killer’s Shopping List is a super (market) comic investigation drama in which a mart, cashier, and district police officer deduce a mysterious murder case that occurs in an ordinary neighborhood using receipts as clues. It is based on the short story of the same name. Starring Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun, and Jin Hee-kyung.

Lee Kwang-soo played the role of ‘Ahn Dae-seong’, an unofficial super-brain guarding the mart, and showed character acting so much that it was difficult to tell whether it was acting or real. With outstanding observation and extraordinary memory hidden in ordinary visuals, he begins to dig into a mysterious murder case through a mart receipt, and is expected to reveal the truth that no one could have predicted.

Kim Seol-hyun, who plays the role of ‘Do Ah-hee’, a 20-year-old Daeseongbaragi who protects the neighborhood, tries to transform into acting. We are looking forward to the character chemistry (breathing and compatibility) of the insignificant and cool super son Ahn Dae-seong and the hot-blooded police officer Do A-hee.

Jin Hee-kyung transforms into Han Myung-sook, a superior super boss who protects her family. She shows her easygoing and cool charm and her strong side that leads even to the mart staff.


  1. The Killer’s Shopping List  will replace Kill Heel and be followed by Eve.

The Killer’s Shopping List

  The Killers Shopping (849.8 KiB, 267 hits)

The Killer’s Shopping List

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      1. i’ve download it, thank you. but i am sorry, is there any RAW files without tvN logo? i’m sorry for asking too much

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