The King of Jokgu

The King of Jokgu 족구왕
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The King of Jokgu: Name: Hong Man-Sub (Ahn Jae-Hong), Age: 24 years old. Status: A returning student to the Department of Food and Nutrition. Credit: 2.1, TOEIC score: No received. Style: A style that women dislike. Girlfriend: Never have.

  • Movie: The King of Jokgu (족구왕)
  • Air Date: August 21, 2014
  • Duration: 104 minutes
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Even if I read it again, the main character of the spec does not come out. He falls in love with the campus queen An-Na (Hwang Seung-Un) at first sight even if he jumps in the civil service exam right now.

Surprisingly, however, An-Na is showing interest in the natural monument-class charm of Man-Sub, who is not like men these days, and Man-Sub kneels down to kneel down with a joke on Kang Min (Jung Woo-Sik), a “ex-national soccer player,” Anna’s “some boy”.

As a result of this incident, Man-Sub becomes a “super returning student hero” on the campus in an instant from a “just returning student”, and the campus, which was bored with a job preparation center, is engulfed in a Jokgu fever.

The campus foot ball competition finally started in the same interests as the students’ deterioration! Can the Man-Sub Team, who seems to be lax by anyone, can defeat the strongest Marine Corps team belonging to Kang-min, who is burning with revenge, and win both love and footsteps? On the one hand, a limited express comedy! I dedicate my love and foot to you!

The King of Jokgu

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The King of Jokgu

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