The King’s Affection

The King's Affection (연모)
  • Drama: The King’s Affection (연모)
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: October 11 – December 14, 2021
  • Air Time: Monday & Tuesday 21:30
  • Website Official


The King’s Affection is a secret royal romance drama that takes place as a child who was born as twins and was abandoned just because she was a girl (Park Eun-Bin), then becomes a crown prince through the death of her brother twin. If there had been a king who had ascended to the throne as a woman and had to completely disappear from history, what kind of story would have been written.

Park Eun-bin returns to a historical drama after 7 years, she took on the role of Prince Lee Hwi, who hid her identity as a dinosaur prisoner. Lee Hwi, who carries a secret that no one can handle, is cold on the outside, but is born with a fire-like passion on the inside.

Rowoon, who is acting in a historical drama for the first time after taking his first steps as an actor, will play the role of ‘Jung Ji-Woon’, the teacher of Crown Prince Lee Hwi (Park Eun-bin) in the play, and will show a differentiated emotional performance.


  1. The King’s Affection will replace Police University and will be followed by Moonshine.
  2. Park Eun-bin and Rowoon’s ‘Affection’ premieres on October 11th… faint royal romance.
  3. Park Eun-bin ♥ Rowoon, first couple poster released.
  4. Park Eun-bin and Rowoon of ‘The King’s Affection’, released a group poster.
  5. ‘The King’s Affection’ character posters have been released.
  6. Bae Soo-bin X Lee Pil-mo → Lee Il-hwa X Son Yeo-eun, the powerful new stealer corps ready for sortie.
  7. Park Eun-bin X Rowoon, Serenade couple poster unveiled ‘The King’s Affection.’
  8. Rowoon, first historical drama challenge “trying to express fresh.”
  9. Park Eun-bin, beauty → coolness… Unlimited image spectrum.

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The King’s Affection

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