The Last Princess

The Last Princess (덕혜옹주)
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  • Movie: The Last Princess (덕혜옹주)
  • Release Date: August 3, 2016
  • Runtime: 127 min.


The Last Princess is a movie depicting the story of Princess Deok-hye, the last princess of the Korean Empire who was taken to Japan and wanted to return to her motherland for the rest of her life.

Director Huh Jin-ho aroused curiosity by revealing that he and Son Ye-jin, who played ‘Princess Deok-hye’, said, “I thought that an actress named Son Ye-jin was a very antagonistic role, and I even joked that I was a little bit out of touch.”

First, Son Ye-jin, who plays the role of Princess Deok-hye, the last princess of the Korean Empire, touches the hearts of those who see it with a sad expression that predicts a life that could never have been ordinary, and the copy “We have a hometown to return to” added to this is the home country every day. It makes us guess the precarious life of her who missed the land and suffered from the Japanese colonial rule.

Next, Park Hae-il, who plays the role of Kim Jang-han, an independence activist who protects Princess Deok-hye for life, has a copy of “I will definitely find the princess” on top of the charismatic figure that points a gun directly, showing Kim Jang-han’s strong will with a unique visual that seems to possess the character perfectly. contained it.

Yoon Je-moon, who plays the pro-Japanese character Han Taek-soo, expects his intense acting with a mean and incomprehensible expression like a pro-Japanese who sacrificed his country for wealth and nobility along with a copy that reads, “I will never step on the land of Joseon in the future.”

Ra Mi-ran, who plays the role of Bok-soon, the court lady who takes care of Princess Deok-hye and her only companion, is full of tears and gathers her hands together to longing for something, revealing her desperation with a copy of “I will serve you until the end”, and finally, Kim Jang-han. Jeong Sang-hoon, who plays Bok-dong, a fellow independence activist of Do you regret it?” along with a strong gaze that shows a strong will, heralding the return of ‘Princess Deok-hye’ and making strenuous efforts for the independence of the Korean Empire.

The Last Princess

  The Last (214.2 KiB, 30 hits)

The Last Princess

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