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It's Beautiful Now Yoon Si-Yoon The Present Is Beautiful (현재는 아름다워)
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  • Drama: It’s Beautiful Now/ The Present Is Beautiful (현재는 아름다워)
  • Network: KBS2
  • Episodes: 50
  • Air Date: April 2, 2022 —
  • Air Time: Saturday & Sunday 19:55
  • Official Website


It’s Beautiful Now is a marriage sacrament project drama depicting the process of three older brothers, Lee family, looking for a mate in order to occupy the apartment offered by the elders in an era of avoiding dating and marriage.

First, Yoon Shi-yoon was cast for the second role of ‘Lee Hyun-jae’. Yoon Jae, who has developed strong survivability between his older brother and younger brother, and the ability to compromise and coordinate, is also active as a lawyer with a high win rate by adding logical eloquence.

Bae Da-Bin takes on the role of ‘Hyun Mi-Rae’, a VIP personal shopper who asks for an annulment of marriage by saying that she was married by fraud.

The first ‘Lee Yun-jae’ that Oh Min-seok is divided into is a dentist. Although he is gentle but strict with himself, thanks to his meticulous personality, he has only been open for 5 years, but he has a good reputation for not overtreating and treating patients without getting sick.

Shin Dong-mi plays Shim Hae-jun, a lawyer who has a crush on him. When she went to receive treatment from her current older brother, Yoon-jae, who is her junior and partner, a big wave hits her lonely heart.

Seo Beom-jun takes on the role of the youngest, Lee Soo-jae. Even though he has been sexually compared to his older brothers throughout his life, Soo-jae is a character who has a strong positive narcissism and does not give in at all. In order to earn enough pocket money, he is doing part-time delivery and loading and unloading at the same time, and the colleague he met there is ‘Na Yoo-Na’ played by Choi Ye-bin. Yoo-na, who dreams of becoming a patissier and saves money to Tokyo, is a youth who works hard at her home delivery service and attends a baking academy. Her beginnings were camaraderie, but their relationship takes an unpredictable turn as Soo-jae draws Yoo-na into his family project.


  1. It’s Beautiful Now will replace Young Lady and Gentleman and be followed by Three Siblings Bravely.

It’s Beautiful Now (963.7 KiB, 86 hits)

It’s Beautiful Now

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