The Silent Sea

The Silent Sea (고요의 바다) torrent
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  • Drama: The Silent Sea (고요의 바다)
  • Network: Netflix
  • Episodes: 8
  • Air Date: December 24, 2021


The Silent Sea is a Netflix series that tells the story of elite crews who left for a research base abandoned on the moon on a special mission on the earth in 2075, devastated by the depletion of essential resources.

The poster for ‘Sea of ​​Silence’ released on the 22nd captured the appearance of space biologist Song Ji-an (Bae Doo-na) just stepping on the moon’s surface. Expectations are added to the story of the mysteries that will come to the elite crew members who leave the earth ravaged by the depletion of essential resources and head to the moon.

In addition, a powerful casting corps that adds trust, such as Bae Doona, Gong Yoo, and Lee Joon, is disassembled into the most elite crew members who volunteered for a mission that risked their lives, foretelling strong suspense and synergy.

Bae Doo-na takes on the role of Song Ji-an, a leading scientist in the field of space biology and an astrobiologist who must find out the secret of a permanently closed base due to a mysterious accident. When she first encountered the work, she thought, “Can I challenge sci-fi in Korea, especially space movies that go to the moon?”

Bae Doo-na said, “I don’t know who this person (director) is, but if it is this person, a movie that goes to space made in Korea is also worth trying. One side was made into a believable story, so I decided to appear.”

Gong Yoo said, “Personally, I had a thirst for genre films. At that time, I was offered ‘The Silent Sea’. After seeing the scenario, I did ‘Eureka.’

He said, “Simply put, it’s a genre that I’ve been waiting for, with quirky imagination and original material.” Gong Yoo transforms into the role of Han Yun-jae, the youngest investigator of the Space Agency, who clashes with Dr. Song Ji-an, who raises questions about the base while keeping the secret of the mission unknown to the crew.

The Silent Sea

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The Silent Sea

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