The Soul-Mate

The Soul-Mate (원더풀 고스트)
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  • Movie: The Soul-Mate (원더풀 고스트)
  • Release Date: September 26, 2018
  • Runtime: 97 min.


The Soul-Mate is a comedy genre film about what happens when a police ghost Tae-jin (Kim Young-kwang) is seen by a judo leader (Ma Dong-seok) who is a fool in front of his daughter but has no interest in other people’s affairs.

A general who pretends not to hear Tae-jin’s existence, pretends not to see it, and ignores it, but Tae-jin continuously demands that he and him investigate an incident in the neighborhood together. In the end, Jangsu responds to Taejin’s request, and a joint investigation between humans and ghosts begins.

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The Soul-Mate

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