‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ The sweet and breathtaking atmosphere of Eric and Yoo In-na

'The Spies Who Loved Me' The sweet and breathtaking atmosphere of Eric and Yoo In-na
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A romantic spy with a different dimension finds viewers.

MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘The Spies Who Loved Me‘, first aired on October 21, stimulated curiosity by releasing two special posters containing anti-war codes on Octorber 5th. The sweet and breathtaking atmosphere of Eric and Yoo In-na raises expectations for a romantic spy that the two will complete.

The Spies Who Loved Me‘ depicts a thrilling secret romantic comedy between two secret husbands and a woman caught in a spy war. The tremendous espionage of three men and women who can never be together gives a pleasant smile and a thrilling excitement.

The Spy Who Loved Me 나를 사랑한 스파이 The Spies Who Loved Me 나를 사랑한 스파이

The two special posters released on this day arouse interest with a reverse code hidden in a romantic atmosphere. Jeon Ji-hoon (by Moon Jung-hyuk) and Kang A-reum (by Yoo In-na) dyed in the sunset light. It looks like we’re making a sweet kiss, but we don’t know if the emotion in our eyes is love or confusion.

Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum, who met like destiny and loved passionately, but were forced to break up. Like the sunset separating the day and night, the phrase “the sweetest trick” raises curiosity over the image of two people standing back to each other at the border of unknown enemies or comrades.

The special poster that shows off the anti-war charm in the romantic embrace of Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang Ah-reum also stimulates curiosity. Secret expressions and mixed gazes that seem to hide something add a breathtaking tension to the romantic atmosphere.Eric and Yoo In-na

The guns and scissors in their hands raise the curiosity. What is the real heart of the two people hidden in a moment of love that seems perfectly perfect? The phrase “marriage becomes a variable of operation” amplifies expectations for an unpredictable, thrilling secret romance.

Moon Jung-hyuk plays ‘Jeon Ji-hoon’, an Interpol secret agent disguised as Kang Ah-reum’s ex-husband and travel writer, and Yoo In-na’s wedding dress designer’Kang Ah-reum’, married to two men with a new secret.

We are looking forward to seeing what kind of  ‘Life spices’ that Moon Jung-hyuk and Yoo In-na will create. The production crew of ‘The Spies Who Loved Me‘ said, “This special poster contains the secret hidden behind the relationship that looks perfect,” and said, “There is a secret behind the hot love of Jeon Ji-hoon and Kang A-reum. I hope a lot for the unpredictable secret romance of Jeon Ji-hoon, who was not able to be honest for love, and Kang A-reum, who did not know the secret even in his dreams.” First broadcast at 9:20 pm on the 21st.



‘The Spies Who Loved Me’ The sweet and breathtaking atmosphere of Eric and Yoo In-na

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