‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ released the first teaser poster on the 16th

The Spy Who Loved Me 나를 사랑한 스파이 The Spies Who Loved Me
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Moon Jung-hyuk, Yoo In-na, and Lim Ju-hwan show romantic spies through ‘The Spy Who Loved Me‘.

On the 16th, the production crew of MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday drama ‘The Spy Who Loved Me‘ released the first teaser poster on the 16th.

The Spy Who Loved Me‘ depicts a thrilling secret romantic comedy between two secret husbands and a woman caught in a spy war. The production crew said, “The tremendous espionage of two men and women who can never be together will give a pleasant laughter and thrilling excitement.”

Moon Jung-hyuk, Yoo In-na and Lim Ju-hwan’s acting transformation also raises expectations. In the teaser poster that was released, Moon Jung-hyuk was played as Interpol’s secret agent Jeon Ji-hoon disguised as a travel writer. The soft charisma of Kang Ah-reum (Yoo In-na) who flutters a veil in a white suit also stimulates curiosity. Derek Hyun (played by Lim Joo-hwan), who hides his strong desire to fight behind a gentle smile, creates a secret atmosphere.

‘Loco King’ Moon Jung-hyuk transforms into Kang Ah-reum’s first husband and Interpol secret agent Jeon Ji-hoon. He is a livelihood spy disguised as a travel writer, with a full-fledged charm not only of ignorance, but also a sad smile and charisma. He married Kang Ah-reum, whom he met like fate, but divorced. However, the two reunite after being entangled in an unexpected event.

Yoo In-na is divided as Kang Ah-reum, a wedding dress designer who married two men who have a secret secret. He gets involved in secret police, ex-husband Jeon Ji-hoon and industrial spy-current husband Derek-hyeon, and jumps into an unexpected spy battle. In Na Yoo, from Kang Ah-reum’s pleasant and lovely charms to her charismatic aspects.

Kang Ah-reum’s second romantic husband and cold-hearted industrial spy Derek Hyun was played by Lim Joo-hwan, who has an anti-war charm. Derek Hyun is an infinitely sweet husband to Kang Ah-reum, but he has a cool personality who does not hesitate to do anything for business. As Kang Ah-reum’s ex-husband Jeon Ji-hoon appears, the world he has built perfectly begins to shake. Lim Joo-hwan maximizes the charm of Derek strings with two faces, transcending softness and sharpness.

The production crew of ‘The Spy Who Loved Me‘ said, “The synergy of Moon Jung-hyuk, Yoo In-na, and Lim Ju-hwan is more perfect than expected.” It will be good to look forward to.”

The Spy Who Loved Me‘ will be aired for the first time on MBC in October.

‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ released the first teaser poster on the 16th

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