The Three Musketeers

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The Three Musketeers is set in the Joseon Dynasty period. Drama series follows the Crown Prince Sohyeon (Lee Jin-Wook), his warriors Heo Seung-Po and An Min-Seo and a guy named Park Dal-Hyang who is preparing for his military examination.

  • Drama: The Three Musketeers
  • Revised romanization: Samchongsa
  • Hangul: 삼총사
  • Director: Kim Byung-Soo
  • Writer: Song Jae-Jung
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 12
  • Release Date: August 17 – November 2, 2014


This drama is planned to have 3 seasons with each season consisting of 12 episodes.

This drama is based on a french novel ‘The Three Musketeers‘ by Alexandre Dumas which was first serialized in March–July 1844.

This drama is about the deeds of 3 Joseon era heroes – Heo Seung Po (Yang Dong Geun), Ahn Min Seo (Jung Hae In) and Park Dal Hyang (Jung Yong Hwa) who is a young man still preparing for his military examinations.

They will end up becoming the royal warrior guards for Crown Prince So Hyun (Lee Jin Wook). Can the trio protect the Crown Prince from those who wish to kill him?

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The Three Musketeers

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