The Truth Beneath

The Truth Beneath There Is No Secret 비밀은 없다
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The Truth Beneath: After an extremely close national assembly race, Jong-chan wins the nomination of his party. He and his wife Yeon-hong are fully committed to the campaign and when their teenager daughter Min-jin goes missing, Jong-chan convinces Yeon-hong not to notify the authorities fearing negative publicity. With the election imminent, Yeon-hong decides to look for her daughter, but instead uncovers a twisted series of conspiracy, secrets, and lies surrounding Min-jin’s disappearance.

  • Movie: The Truth Beneath (English title) / There Is No Secret (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bimileun Eobda
  • Hangul: 비밀은 없다
  • Director: Lee Kyoung-Mi
  • Writer: Lee Kyoung-Mi, Jung Seo-Kyoung
  • Producer: Kim Bo-Ram, Kim Yoon-Ho, Lee Mi-Young
  • Cinematographer: Joo Sung-Rim
  • Release Date: June 23, 2016
  • Runtime: 102 min.
  • Genre: Thriller


Yeon-Hong (Son Ye-Jin) is married to Jong-Chan (Kim Ju-Hyeok) and they have a teenage daughter Min-Jin (Shin Ji-Hoon). Jong-Chan worked as an announcer, but he is about to run for election as a National Assembly member. Yeon-Hong is enthusiastic to help her husband’s election campaign. On the first day of Jong-Chan’s campaign, their daughter Min-Jin goes missing.

Yeon-Hong becomes desperate to find Min-Jin. She is also devastated by her husband and those around him worrying more about his election campaign. Yeon-Hong begins a frantic search for clues on her daughter’s disappearance.


  1. The Truth Beneath Torrent Files start filming began September 20, 2014 and finished January 11, 2015 in Yangsan, Gyeongsangnam Province, South Korea. The last scene filmed had Son Ye-Jin and Kim Ju-Hyeok in a scene together.

The Truth Beneath Torrent Files

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The Truth Beneath

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