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  • Drama: The Veil (검은 태양) / Black Sun
  • Network: MBC
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Date: September 17 – October 23, 2021
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00
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The Veil depicts the story that takes place as the best field agent of the National Intelligence Service, who disappeared a year ago, returns to the organization to find the insider traitor who dropped him into the abyss.

Namgoong-min takes on the role of Han Ji-hyeok, the best field agent for the National Intelligence Service. Losing his memory after a tragic accident in which all his colleagues are killed during the operation, he returns to the NIS after a year. In this way, Han Ji-hyuk struggles to find the truth of the lost memory and the person who tried to kill him.

Among them, the poster released draws attention as it contains Han Ji-hyeok surrounded by mysterious people. His wounded face, blood dripping from his face, and a gun in his hand, guarding his surroundings, suggests that he is in a dangerous and embarrassing situation.

Also, it foretells that Han Ji-hyuk will fight a lonely battle with the ‘invisible enemy’ through the enemies who hide behind the mask and tighten his breath. Here, the phrase ‘find the hidden traitor and punish him’ amplifies the curiosity about the person who holds the decisive key to all cases.

In the drama, Han Ji-hyeok (Namgoong-min) and Seo Su-yeon (Park Ha-sun) are the same teammates and motives for joining the National Intelligence Service.

On the other hand, Seo Soo-yeon’s change, which has changed remarkably from her eyes to her style, also draws attention. Su-yeon Seo, the 4th team leader of the National Intelligence Service’s Crime Information Integration Center, has a deep affection for people, and is a warm person who has always taken special care of the team and team members. The attention is focused on Seo Su-yeon, who says that she suffers ‘blackening’ due to an unexpected incident.

The production team of ‘The Veil’ said, “Seo Su-yeon is a person with deep depression inside, but with a special occasion, she recovers from the wounds in her heart and reveals her warm humanity. She is a character who lives this harsh life. Please look forward to how actress Park Ha-sun, who is working on filming by thoroughly analyzing the heights of emotions, will portray Seo Soo-yeon’s psychology.”


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The Veil

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The Veil

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