Tracer 2

Tracer 2 (트레이서 2)
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  • Drama: Tracer 2 (트레이서 2)
  • Network: Wavve, MBC
  • Episodes: 8
  • Air Date: February 18, 2022
  • Official Website


In addition, thanks to the success of season 2, it climbed to the top of the viewing time until season 1, creating a craze for all seasons. In Season 2, which was released this time, the sharp confrontation between ‘Hwang Dong-ju’ (Im Si-wan), the head of the 5th Bureau of Taxation, who returned armed with a more powerful wit, and ‘In Tae-joon’ (Son Hyun-joo), who started to reveal his endless ambitions for the first person in the National Tax Service, started in earnest, creating a tense atmosphere.

In addition, the five tax bureaus, including ‘Seo Hye-young’ (Go Ah-seong), an investigator with irreplaceable behavior, and ‘Oh-yeong’ (Park Yong-woo), a director who regained the ace of the past, radiated stronger teamwork and led to an unpredictable development. Season 2 of <Tracer>, which unfolds with an immersive development that cannot be stopped, is captivating viewers through the weekend.


  1. Tracer 2 will replace Tracer and will be followed by Tomorrow.

Tracer 2

  Tracer (117.2 KiB, 137 hits)

Tracer 2

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