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  • Drama: Tracer (트레이서)
  • Network: Wavve, MBC
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Date: January 7 – February 26, 2022
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:00
  • Official Website


‘Tracer’ is an exhilarating chase action drama depicting the indefatigable activity of a strong man who rolled into the 5 tax bureaus called the ‘garbage dump’, a place that is scarier than a judge for some. The teaser trailer released this time catches the eye at once with the intense appearance of Im Si-wan, Go Ah-seong, Son Hyeon-joo, and Park Yong-woo, who open the car door and walk proudly.

Then, the facial expressions and lines of the actors who stare at the front calmly stimulate curiosity about the new character to be introduced through ‘Tracer’.

Park Yong-woo, who appears with the line “Well, sometimes you have to do something you don’t like,” is expected to arouse the sympathy of viewers through the role of ‘Oh-Young’, the head of the 5th Bureau of Taxation, who was once an ace in the tax administration but now believes not to work. raise expectations.

Go Ah-seong, who plays Seo Hye-young, an investigator from the 5 tax bureaus, who does not give in to a cowardly world and who breaks through head-on, said, “I did it, trust me.” It tells the story and gives a glimpse into the charm of the bold and courageous character.

Then, Son Hyun-joo‘s charismatic appearance as ‘In Tae-joon’, a meticulous ambitious and the head of the central regional tax office, who says, “In the end, it’s a game of being deceived or deceived” creates tension.

Lastly, Im Si-wan, who foretells a transformation that has never been seen before, through the role of ‘Hwang Dong-ju,’ the head of the 5th Bureau of Taxation, a talented person who makes other people look at him.

The colorful characters amplify the anticipation for the story to be drawn. ‘Tracer’, which released a teaser trailer that adds to the actors’ overwhelming synergy and curiosity about the story, will captivate viewers’ hearts this winter by providing exhilarating fun and catharsis.


  1. Tracer will replace The Red Sleeve and will be followed by Tomorrow.

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