Tree With Deep Roots

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Tree With Deep Roots  is based on Lee Jeong-myeong’s novel “Deep-rooted Tree”. Work that highlights the serial killings during the 7 days before the announcement of the Korean script.

A series of murder occurred during the reign of King Sejong. As Kang Chae Yoon who is investigating these cases gets closer to the root of the truth, he finds himself embroiled in a massive conspiracy behind the serial killings which involves a group of genius who are willing to risked their lives towards their cause/goals and secret powers who will interfere with the course of his investigations.

  • Drama: Tree With Deep Roots (English title) / Deep Rooted Tree (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Bboori Gipeun Namoo
  • Hangul: 뿌리깊은 나무
  • Director: Jang Tae-Yoo, Shin Kyung-Soo
  • Writer: Lee Jung-Myung (novel), Kim Young-Hyun, Park Sang-Yeon
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 24
  • Release Date: October 5 – December 22, 2011


Lee Do is the King of Joseon Dynasty, but, actually, his father Taejong wields absolute power and controls the country. Taejong has killed indescriminately, including family members and comrades, to attain his power. Even his son, the King of Joseon, lives in fear of his father.

Now Taejong targets Sim-On, the king’s father-in-law and the prime minister of Joseon. King Lee Do’s wife Queen Sohun cries over the fate of her father, but King Lee Do warns his wife to not do anything or more people will be killed. Nevertheless, Lee Do hands over a secret letter instructing Sim-On to hide in the country of Myung until he is able to take care of everything. The letter is given to a child court lady and she is ordered to deliver the letter to Simon’s servant before Sim-On’s imminent arrest. But, the child court lady is on the side of Taejon and the letter’s content is changed.

Ddol-Bok and his father are servants for Sim On’s family. Ddol-Bok’s father is mentally slow and teased by others. Ddol-Bok is a child who harbors violent intent and takes revenge on those that teases his father. He likes So-Yi who is also a child servant. One day, the royal forces arrive at Sim On’s home. Ddol-Bok, his father and So-Yi are able to run away, while Sim On’s family and his servants are arrested. Sim On himself is not at home. In front of Sim On’s home, they meet the child court lady. The child court lady gives them the secret letter.

Ddol-Bok asks So-Yi if the letter is to save people’s lives and So-Yi responds yes. But, So-Yi only pretended to read the letter as she is unable to read. Ddol-Bok’s father goes and meets Sim On and his party as they return from Myung. When Ddol-Bok hands the letter over, the royal forces arrive and arrests all of them. While they are being taken to prison the royal forces also arrest young Ddol-Bok and So-Yi. Sim On and Ddol-Bok’s father are killed in prison. Shortly afterwards, Sim On’s family and servants are enraged and escape from prison. But, they are killed by the royal forces.

At this time, Queen Sohun goes to prison to see her mother. While the prisoners make their escape, Queen Sohun saves child So-Yi. Meanwhle, King Lee Do goes to prison and witnesses the killing of many people. He sees Ddol-Bok running away. The boy reminds him of someone from his own childhood. King Lee Do orders his guard to save Ddol-Bok. The guard saves Ddol-Bok and places him in a barn. Taejong then arrives with soldiers in front of King Lee Do and his guard.

Taejong orders his soldiers to kill Ddol-Bok, but King Lee Do stands up to his father to save Ddol-Bok’s life. Taejong asks his son what kind of Joseon are you going to rule over? King Lee Do can’t give a response. Finally, Taejong draws his sword upon King Lee Do’s neck and threatens to kill his own son. In response, King Lee Do orders his guard to kill Taejong if he is killed.

This will be King Lee Do’s last order as a king. His guard draws his sword and points it at Taejong. Taejong withdraws his sword and leaves. King Lee Do and his guard goes to the barn where Ddol-Bok is. They overhear Dddol-Bok crying and vowing revenge upon King Lee Do who is responsible for his father’s death. The King’s guard wants to kill Ddol-Bok because of this, but King Lee Do sheds a tear and states that Ddol-Bok is the first and last person he will save.

The next day King Lee Do resigns from his position. Taejongs sends his son an empty lunch box, a symbolic gesture recommending that Lee Do commits suicide. Lee Do then realizes his ideal Joseon from the seeing the empty lunch box. Lee Do walks alone towards Taejong, while Taejong’s soldiers fires arrows into the direction of Lee Do …


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