Voice 4

Voice 4 (보이스4: 심판의 시간)
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Voice 4 is a sound chase thriller that depicts the fierce records of the members of the 112 Report Center who are guarding the golden time of the crime scene. In Season 4, with the appearance of a killer who commits a brutal crime with an invitational power, the voice profiler who is confronted by a criminal with the same ability and an uncompromising principle-based detective will draw a new golden time cooperation.

  • Drama: Voice 4 (보이스4: 심판의 시간)
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 14
  • Air Date: June 18 – July 31, 2021
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday 22:50
  • Official Website


Meanwhile, the first poster that was released embodies the urgency of Song Seung-heon and Lee Ha-na to hear the ‘not to be missed’ with deep darkness and red color. Among them, the one that catches the attention of the viewer is the villain, who has the same inviting ability as Lee Ha-na. Amidst the dark black force of Villain holding a double-edged ax in one hand, he predicts his debut as the core of the mystery in the play. The synergies of the two people’s golden time cooperation to solve various code zero incidents and villains with the highest level of ability that surpassed the previous season amplify the expectation.

The second poster released along with this draws attention by utilizing the sound wave image. Song Seung-heon’s charisma, who directs the team members in a rough field, and Lee Ha-na’s desperate eagerness to not miss the small traces of the criminal and the breath of the victim, are intact and attract attention.


  1. Voice 4 will replace Dark Hole.
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Voice 4

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Voice 4

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