Whatcha Wearin’?

Whatcha Wearin'? (나의 P.S. 파트너)
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Whatcha Wearin’?: We are planning an event to overcome the romantic relationship that has been withered by a long relationship for 5 years.

But starting with the wrong call. Starting from talking about each other’s love and daily life, beyond the phone
The story of men and women getting close.

  • Movie: Whatcha Wearin’? (나의 P.S. 파트너)
  • Air Date: December 6, 2012
  • Duration: 114 minutes


After breaking up with So-Yeon (Shin So-Yul), who had been dating for 7 years, Hyun-Seung (Ji Sung), who broke up the dream of a composer and became an ordinary toy company employee , is excited to receive a strange phone call while sleeping, but this call is for her boyfriend Yoon Jeong. It was an event prepared by Yoon-Jung (Kim A-Joong), and was connected to Hyun-Seung by incorrectly pressing the phone number of the boyfriend who could not transfer the phone number to the new cell phone.

Seok-Woon (Kim Sung-Oh) and Young-Min (Moon Ji-Yoon) comfort Hyun-Seung, who can’t forget So-Yeon at a drinking party, but their consolation reminds me more of So-Yeon. Hyun-Seung can’t stand and calls So-Yeon, but the sound coming from the phone was So-Yeon’s new boyfriend’s voice, and Hyun-Seung couldn’t control her feelings of despair and made a call to Yoon-Jung’s phone number, which was just a while ago.

Whatcha Wearin’?

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Whatcha Wearin’?

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