Will It Snow For Christmas?

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Will It Snow For Christmas is about Cha Kang Jin is the son of barmaid, Cha Chun Hee. His life is difficult as he gets into fights and has to watch other people push his mother around yet he can’t do anything to stop it. He meets Han Ji Wan when they were teens but they weren’t able to continue their relationship as Ji Wan ran away after her older brother’s death. He meets Ji Wan 8 years later when he’s attending her engagement ceremony to Park Tae Joon. However, he is heartbroken as Ji Wan pretends to not remember him at all.

  • Drama: Will It Snow For Christmas ?
  • Revised romanization: Keurisumaseue Neunyi Olggayo?
  • Hangul: 크리스마스에 눈이 올까요?
  • Director: Choi Mun-Seok
  • Writer: Lee Kyoung-Hee
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: December 2, 2009 – January 28, 2010
  • Runtime: Wed. & Thurs. 21:55


“Will It Snow For Christmas?” covers the romantic relationship between these four main characters:

Cha Kang-Jin (Ko Soo) grew up without a father and had a difficult childhood. As a teenager his mother Chun-Hee moved Kang-Jin and his brother to her small hometown of Sancheong. Chun-Hee then opens up a cheap coffee parlor (“dabang”) that attracts men. In Sancheong, Kang-Jin meets Ji-Won (Han Ye-Seul) whose father practices traditional oriental medicine.

Kang-Jin and Ji-Won feel attracted to each other, but tragedy soon strikes. Kang-Jin had a cherished pendant that belonged to his father, but the pendent is accidentally dropped into the river. Ji-Won feeling pity for Kang-Jin, asked her brother Ji-Yong to retrieve the necklace from the river. Ji-Yong, while attempting to retrieve the necklace, then drowns to death. Grief stricken Ji-Won then runs away from town, but first tells Kang-Jin that she never loved him or liked his mother.

Eight years later, Kang-Jin is a team leader at Beomyang Corporation. He meets Ji-Won once again on the day of her engagement to Min Tae-Jun (Song Jong-Ho). Tae-Jun is Kang-Jin’s co-worker at Beomyang Corporation. At the engagement ceremony Tae-Jun does not show up. Tae-Jun was with prior lover Lee Woo-Jeong (Seon Woo-Seon). Woo-Jeong’s father is the president of Beomyang Corporation. Ji-Won, after apologizing to the guests for the absence of her fiance, sits down to eat. Sitting across from her is former love Kang-Jin …

Will It Snow For Christmas

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Will It Snow For Christmas?

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