Wretches 괴물들
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Wretches is based on an actual incident in 2011 when a classmate who harassed him was fed a drink of herbicide and tried to get revenge.

  • Movie: Wretches (괴물들)
  • Air Date: March 8, 2018
  • Duration: 102 minutes


When the first person in school power who drank the herbicide drink in the can was hospitalized, the second person, Yang-Hoon (Lee Yi-Kyung) took over. One day when the harassment Yang-Hoon to Jae-Young (Lee Won-Geun) as a sacrifice, became more and more severe, Yang-Hoon instructs Jae-young to step in the back of his unrequited love, Bo-young (Park Gyu-young). Jaeyoung’s attempts to escape the situation through Ye-ri, which looks the same as Bo-young, but…

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